Book an Event at Lake Valley Golf Club

Lake Valley Golf Club is the ideal setting for your next golf tournament, outing and banquet.  Our staff will be here to help with every detail and to be sure that your event is a success!

Golf Tournaments

Lake Valley Golf Club hosts about 10 larger outings/tournaments per year.  Many have been returning for a decade or more and we would love to discuss your fundraiser / corporate outing with you.  We will do everything we can to ensure that your event is a success and we know your guests will enjoy having access to our private Club and golf course.

Please contact our Head Golf Professional Cameron Morton at (303) 444-2114 ext.13 or  for pricing and to discuss your event. Below is some basic information:

Lake Valley Golf Club will provide (per player): 
Green and Cart fees
Practice Balls
Personalized Scorecards
Complete Administration of Event
Merchandise Credit (i.e. Gift Certificates) Per Player in the Golf Shop

Special Notes:
A Tournament Agreement specifying all the policies and timing (deposits, confirmation of numbers, no shows, dress guidelines, pace of play, sponsor signs, spectator or volunteer carts, etc.) relating to your event will be provided.

Prices range from $55 to $85 per player depending on number of players, day of the week, shotgun start or tee times, etc.

Deposits are required at the time of booking and full payment is due no later than the day of the event.

April-May Shotgun starts between 8:30am-9:30am
June-August Shotgun starts must be between 7:30am and 8:30
September-October Shotgun starts between 8:30am-9:00am

Things to Consider:
Planning is crucial, both on your end and on ours. In order to help everyone understand what will be happening, here are some areas to consider when planning your event. We will discuss these items and many more with you and help you with your decisions.

Method of Start:
Tee Times: Successive groups teeing of #1

Cross-Overs (Split Tees):  Successive tee times off #1 and #10 for 2 hours and then the players cross over during the next two hours.

Shotguns: All players will be gathered a few minutes before the specified starting time to allow for announcements regarding the tournament. Players will then be led out to their hole assignments for shotgun starts. Please note that in a shotgun we will start one or two groups on each hole based on our experience of how the course plays. Generally,
  • Full Field Shotgun – At least 100 players are needed to give your tournament the whole course
  • Modified Shotgun – For afternoon starts, the tournament groups will start on #1 and go forward on the front nine
  • Reverse Shotgun – For morning starts, the tournaments groups will start on #1 and go backwards on the back nine

Event Formats:
Choosing the correct format is very important to having a successful tournament. Consider the type of players that will come to your tournament, along with the competitive / social nature of the event. Here are some popular formats that are commonly used arranged from most social (those with higher or no golf handicaps to the most competitive).

Scramble (2 or 4 person) –All players will hit a tee shot. The team will select the best one. All players will then play from that selected spot. You may place the ball up to one club-length from the selected spot, no closer to the hole and must maintain the lie of the ball(for example, if it is in the rough all balls must be played from the rough). On the putting green, you may place the ball six inches from the selected ball, no closer to the hole. Continue in this manner until the team holes out.

Modified Scramble or Schamble  (2 or 4 person) – All players will hit a tee shot. The team will select the best one. All players will then play their own ball out from this location. Record the best score. Handicaps are recommended to make this format a fair competition.

Best Ball (2 or 4 person) – All players play the hole independently; upon completion the best score is recorded. Handicaps are recommended to make this format a fair competition.

Individual Stroke Play

Banquets & Catering

For any occasion, for every kind of event, we'll create memorable moments for you and your guests. Weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, specials ceremonies, charity fundraisers. With exquisite menus and elegant presentation, events of every kind are destined for success at Lake Valley Golf Club.

You don't have to be a member to have your next event at the club.

Please Contact our Food & Beverage Director or complete the information below including a brief description of your event: